b y   a r s h u m  r o u h a n i a n

feel and create

I'm usually there for the whole production process from beginning to end. I've worked prominently in writing/ story boarding, filming/ directing, audio recording, and even editing. 

​With these skills, I can apply them to whatever you want me to. Need an advertisment for your business? No problem. Want to make a music video for your band? Done. How about making a short film? Why not. Just hit that "Contact" tab and let's work together to make something beautiful. 

who am i?

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Arshum Rouhanian

I was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland after my parents fled Iran in light of the revolution. I grew up in a small one bedroom apartment with 10 of my relatives. I was too young to understand the financial issues my parents were facing, so I just thought my life was a big family sleepover. I'd sneak around the house at night and see what I could do without waking anyone up. Living in a space like that made me want to pretend. I think that's where I get my creativity.

Graduated from American University with a BFA in Film & Media Arts and minor in Business Administration

If it involves a camera, I can probably do it for you.

What i can do for you