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The Eagle

AU senior wins national film competition

Arshum Rouhanian’s movie tells story of teenage musician grappling with deafness. He discusses the development process for his film and his success at Trinity Film Festival.


American University: School of Communications

MTVU Campus Takeover Hits AU

Arshum Rouhanian discusses his experience and creative process in producing a video for MTVU to be premiered on college campus networks nationally.

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The Sound of Dreaming

Episode 3: You Wanna Be In My Movie?

Arshum Rouhanian sits down with Sara Fernandez to talk about his experiences as a rising filmmaker, what inspires him, and his upcoming projects.


LACE Magazine

Lace Spotlight: Reel Rouhanian

Arshum Rouhanian discusses everything including his grievances with the caped crusades taking over film, his latest work, and creative strife.